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Beautify your default Magento invoice with this simple yet powerful Magento invoicing extension.

Compatible with: Magento 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9


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In seconds Your invoice can look like this:

magento invoice

Full Features List

  • Add full seller information block if desired
  • Add your logo
  • Display both shipping and billing address only if they are different
  • Add additional text information to the bottom of the invoice
  • Add a name and/or signature of an issuer to the bottom of the invoice
  • Ability to change colors and color schemes
  • Choose an image background (up to full size of the page)
  • Custom invoice number prefix
  • Swap "Seller" and "Customer" information block orientation
  • display invoice issue date rather than a default order date
  • Display invoice comments (optional)
  • Add due date
  • Add payment information

See it in action


V 1.1.4

- BUG FIX: payment method wasn't always inserting new lines

V 1.1.3

- BUG FIX: due date translation issue

- BUG FIX: page break problem for bundle products

V 1.1.2

- NEW FEATURE: shipping address can now be hidden

- IMPROVEMENT: document dates can be used instead of order dates

- IMPROVEMENT: configuration description improved

- BUG FIX: due date is now relative to invoice date

- BUG FIX: row subtotal position fixed in credit memo

- BUG FIX: update checker fixed for projects under https

- tested on Magento 1.9 

V 1.1.1

- Several minor bug fixes

V 1.1.0

- Completely new design

- New extension structure and rebuilt code

V 1.0.8

- BUG FIX: Fixed a bug causing error in admininstration permissions configurations

V 1.0.7

- BUG FIX: Fixed pricing and subtotal display problem in Magento 1.6

V 1.0.6

- NEW FEATURE: Added direct links and support contact email added to invoice configuration page

- IMPROVEMENT: Completely rebuilt module structure

- IMPROVEMENT: Replaced buyer title with standard customer string

- IMPROVEMENT/BUG FIX: Set default colors

- IMPROVEMENT: Order # (number) added to credit memo

V 1.0.5

- NEW FEATURE: Invoice date can be set to invoice issuing date rather than default order date.

- IMPROVEMENT: Made credit memo and packing slip design improvements

V 1.0.4

- NEW FEATURE: Added Custom Invoice Number

- NEW FEATURE: Added Payment Due date

- NEW FEATURE: Added Payment information output

- NEW FEATURE: Improved Credit Memo and Shipping Slip design

- BUG FIX: Resolved Seller/Buyer information block swaping problems

V 1.0.3

- NEW FEATURE: Multi-store configuration capabilities

V 1.0.2

- NEW FEATURE: Configuration settings adapted to allow swaping of Seller and Buyer information blocks

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